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Mayor Eletions Take Place ! - LIVE Empty Mayor Eletions Take Place ! - LIVE

Post  GLR Shooter 977 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:52 pm

we come to you live from Middle park in Algonquin where the new Mayor elections are taking place the runners for mayor are :

Beep 411
Teh Soundboard

Advent tutly is currently asking questions about taxes towards how they will benifit or break the current financial structure of Liberty City,

Negotiations are taking place between the electees towards taxes,

Strong Question about Health insurance from Advent Tutly,

Runner WolfBattleCry is looking the strongest Candidate at this moment in time !

Voting will take place shortly.....

Current arguments are taking place about charging a far amout of money for health insurance

argument over, discussions are now about paying for people to stay alive if they are struggling financially !

too much noise is being produced while the candidates are talking and you cant make out what they are saying !!

now a stronger series of disscution is taking place about DEATH SENTENCES !!!!!

Voters are now asking questions

Voting Taking place !

The winner of the Candidates IS........

WolfBattleCry !!

well done to wolf for the victory of becoming mayor

This is Reporter Josh signing Off !

Have fun and be safe out there !
GLR Shooter 977
GLR Shooter 977

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