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Post  Macholini on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:16 am

Liberty City's finest Lawyers - for you

Are you down and out and need some help?
Lawyers and Solicitors are available within Liberty City.
Tom Macholini, the 3-time apprentice of the year award winner;
from England is here to help YOU.

Whether its from petty crimes, that you have been accused of,
to murders that are framed on you; Macholini's recruitment in
Liberty City can help. From as little as $200 per case, Macholini
has been guaranteed to get you out of the sticky situation, and
back to where you belong.

Call for free at.
548-555-946 (Tom Macholini/o iAcKZz x)
Today, to help fight against crime and against others.
Liberty Lawyers. Lawyers 4 U - Lawyers 4 Win.


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