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Post  Macholini on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:24 am

Staying in this hotel suite is getting quite annoying..
I need an apartment or a flat. I need something, anyway.

I took a day off work, and went to the gym, and so.
Instead of getting a cab or driving my car to the gym, I decided to run.
Here I am.. running down the road, when I got near Funland in the south of Broker, when a large scent hit me. I run up the alley, to find a leg hangin' out of a dumpster.
Called the police, told them, and carried on.

Got the gym, and met a buddy; Luis outside. Told me Prince was inside, so I went in.
So here I am, walking into the changing rooms to find Yusuf Amir bent over infront of me,
with Gay Tony Prince ramming in his backdoor. I did nothing but walk out.
This is one of the most horrible sightings of my life.
But I got an unlimited VIP pass to Maisonette 101 Wink


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