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Post  Advent Tutly on Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:21 pm

First day at work and already promoted, after careful consideration I was promoted to police commisioner and now in charge of managing the police force. However, the mayor created a crime scene squad that is supposedly "investigating" crimes comitted, what does it matter if they can't actually protect the people?

Day 1: A Day To Remember

The weather was nice, I mean really nice, maybe I'm just saying that because of the recent storm that hit harder than an mlb slugger. The first emergency of the day came from Kill or Be Dead, who just so happens to be his first day as a paramedic, except he didn't even know where the hospitals are, what a dumb guy, I can totally see this guy one day racing to get someone to the hospital and stop at a gas station just to ask, "Hey, could you point me to the nearest hospital?"

So I got into my car and was just about to go meet Kill or Be Dead, and then some guy from the street walked up to me and asked if he could be a cop, I told him no but he could be a deputy if he only showed me what he had to offer. The guy's name was Movez, sounds like a stripper name or something, but he was taxi driver so I let him tag along with me to go show Kill or Be Dead where the hospitals are. For awhile we were driving around in circles are trying to find a place to meet until I told Kill to meet me at central park. When arrived there also was another paramedic there whose name was AKA Ambush and also had been trying to find a hospital on Algonquin. They didn't have their ambulances with them so they had to walk. We started to walk until Movez hit Kill with a car and sent him to the hospital with only minor injuries. I "questioned" Movez and I found it was an accident and that Kill ran in front of his car while we were going to the hospital. We left central park and headed south towards the hospital nearby, with Kill recovered from his wounds. We finally got there and there was a traffic bottleneck with the major, Shooter, and all sorts of other people. The paramedics jumped for joy when they finally reached their damned hospital.
I introduced Movez to the mayor and things went smoothly except the part where the mayor and Shooter snatched my recruit to be trained, but oh well I got a fat promotion to ease my pain. Through that meet and greet I was promoted to police comissioner.

A few hours later.......

The sun was setting and the call came in, Ambush was under sniper fire from a rooftop while speeding down a highway. I tried to calm him down and give me his position but he wasn't giving me any clear details, so I told him to meet me at the bridge connecting Aldreney to Algonquin. I raced my ass off to get there to find Ambush all relaxed and composed, something was fishy. I questioned him and he wasnt very detailed in the sniper shooting attack.....hmm maybe I could sell the story to a journalist with the LC Times, headline, "West Algonquin Sniper Scare". After the questioning, I was just about to let Ambush leave until the mayor, Shooter, and the damned recruit come blazing past on the bridge yelling, "Code 1 means traffic crashes blah blah blah I'm in a cop car," I got the mayor's attention and he came over to question the victim and he decided that he was lying and impounded my car, MY CAR! This would set in motion a future crime by leaving Ambush carless..........


I had picked up another car in the mean time and was patrolling the streets when the mayor gave me a ring, he wanted to talk to me about his "plans". I argeed and we met in North Algonquin by the apartments, It was a small street corner. We were just about to talk when Movez drove up with Ambush. I had asked Movez what was he doing and he responded that he had brought Ambush to be arrested because he stole a police cruiser. We "throughly" began questioning Ambush.......The mayor had the first go at him......He confessed to the crime and said he was only "borrowing" it. The Mayor and I began talking about a job for Movez, using this opportunity, Ambush snuck away and had before we knew he had escaped, he jacked a passing truck and began tearing through the streetside with that thing, Movez chased him down and tried pinning him several times but he kept backing away. It wasn't until I pulled out my government issued rocket launcher that he stopped, that and he was stuck in between a building, a tree, and Movez's car. The mayor and Movez dumped him on me and I had to take Ambush to jail, those lazy sleazebags.......So I took him and that was that.

Day 1 to be continued......
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Post  FlanknTank on Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:42 pm

Just something I want to make known. Everyone who makes a blog post is making it IN CHARACTER. If someone calls you an idiot in a blog post, it doesn't mean they thinks of you as an idiot when they're not in character.

Just wanted to mention that seeing as how many people would confuse that and nobody takes the time to read the stickies anyway.

Quick Edit:
Advent Tutly wrote:my government issued rocket launcher

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