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Post  FlanknTank on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:56 pm

"Tutly do I have to?"
"But why?!"
"Because I sign your paycheck damn it!
" Sad "

*Sigh* Hark, all ye' who dare tread through the valley of shadows, ye' who tread into the hills of ye olde forelorn, eSec summons thy wander, if ye be of pure spirit, and brave soul, then yonder hike to a demolition derby, or a helicopter fight. There be fun food and games. Yonder be 'xxx' gold coinage in da' pot for the bravest of ye' all who successfully pass the trials (There's a cash prize usually).

And if fun, food, and games be not what ye venture for, argh, then venture not for caviant, but for safe passage. eSec can provide security for ye as well. If ye decide to host any sort of event, and are in need of security, send the messenger parrot (or just call, I guess) Advent Tutly with any and all inquiries, Argh!

Tread lightly my friends, we at eSec sail the high seas awaiting your messenger parrot call.


"I hope you're happy."
"Oh don't worry, I am."
" Crying or Very sad "

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