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Taking Over Businesses Empty Taking Over Businesses

Post  Advent Tutly on Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:23 am

Taking Over Businesses
*A Business can only be attacked once per game
*High End Businesses have ten minute countdowns instead of 5

To initiate a takeover, you must be at the player's business and it must be cleared of any players. You call the Admin and tell them you are doing a takeover at this player's business and the Admin will notify the player who's business is under attack and will start the 5 minute (or 10 minutes if its a highend business) countdown the owner of the business has to get back or send someone to their business and stop the takeover.

The Attacker wins by holding off at the business against the owner or whoever comes to defend until the countdown reaches zero or if no one shows up to defend when the timer hits zero. The Attacker gets all the profits from the business each game and the business owner loses their job and has to become a citizen for the rest of the game. The Owner wins by killing the attacker, after that The attack Stops and the business is safe for the rest of the game from any other attacks.
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