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Post  Mr TiGGY on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:00 am

I am Mr TiGGY and I am here to set the record straight, every little bit of cheap news I will post here, from big news such as the mayor to little news such as a petty drug dealer being arrested! This blog will begin in 3....2....1: NOW!

As all of you know by now, Advent Tutly has been re-elected as Mayor, he stood out to the crowd and the votes seemed overwhelming compared to the other candidates.

The crime rate has reached an all new high with numerous properties being taken over and even more assassinations! Two new criminals on the scene have been causing alot of trouble for our boys in blue, these two criminals being Snipez and MadMiche, they were taking numerous properties and killing numerous people while doing so, Justice was served though, unexpectedly the two criminals turned themselves in and were fined and served time! Note*: all properties were given back to there respected owners.

Advent Tutly said in his speech that he would lower taxes by 50%! If so then alot of people will be happy. Time will only tell if Advent Tutly will turn our city around and make the great city it once was,

It isn´t going to be easy for Tutly though, my sources say that there is a new criminal underworld group plotting to take control? Is this just a rumour or will it turn into an all out war? How will Tutly change the crime rate? Is it too high to stop or will our Mayor save us from a near unstoppable growing criminal underworld.

A new hot shot assassin Pruneyboy has been putting bullets through almost everybodys head, is our Mayor going to be able to stop him? Police have been trying to track down many uprising criminals but will it be another needle in the hay stack scenario and will be left to cause chaos?


This article has just FINISHED! come back next week to see all the new NEWz and GOSSIP!
Feel free to leave comments - Until next time - Mr TiGGY OUT!


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Mr TiGGY´s Opinion!! Empty Re: Mr TiGGY´s Opinion!!

Post  Billy Costigan on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:04 am

nice article, im looking forward to the next article but next time don´t mention my name if its "criminal related" it´s bad for my reputation...
Billy Costigan
Billy Costigan

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