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A Quick Public Thank you Empty A Quick Public Thank you

Post  FlanknTank on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:39 am

Advent Tutly wrote:
Thanks for making this happen with your continued support.

This isn't said enough by me, nor the other Mods/Admins. We can't stress enough however how grateful we are for everyones' support. It really is a growing community, and to tell everyone the truth, I'm glad I've gotten into it myself. It has sort of become a hobby for me to discuss additions and changes to the Roleplay.

One thing I want to make clear: I know Shooter and I may sometimes come off as a bit harsh, and over the top, but it is my hope that everyone understands that we are doing it for your benefit. True, sometimes we let our emotions influence how we deal with people found to be breaking rules, and may come off as jackasses, no this is never our intention. We only ever scold or discipline to keep the roleplay fun for everyone, and to limit out of game confrontations. The game can be quite involved, and Tutly and I have seen instances where people will fight outside of the roleplay, and frankly, we couldn't tell if they were being serious or not. We just want to make sure that people are following rules so that everyone can have a good time. I personally love spending time with you guys after a long Saturday. And although nearly none of you are on my friends list, I honestly feel that I could associate many of the people that play with us as friends.

It's great to have a strong fan-base that provides excellent support -- Just what Tutly needed to have his roleplay grow. And just what I needed to occupy some of my time (being as alone, and as gun-crazy as I am...) I just wanted to personally thank everyone once again because very often I may thank 1 or 2 people individually, but up until now, I don't think any of us expressed how grateful we really are for all of your support.

Thanks again everybody, hope you enjoy the upcoming update. And once again, if you have any discrepencies with any aspect of the roleplay, NOBODY will berate you for your opinion in the community affairs forum. It's always good to have either feedback, or concerns absolved.

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A Quick Public Thank you Empty Re: A Quick Public Thank you

Post  GLR Shooter 977 on Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:49 am

couldn't have put it better myself wolf so all im going to say as of now is ** what he said ** !

Thanks everyone !
GLR Shooter 977
GLR Shooter 977

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