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NEWSBEAT DAY 1 Sunday 15-03-10 Newsbeat sponserd by cowboy crunchies the most inferacial historical candy bar ever...that we know of
Alot of men on noose this week crime levels at an all time high. puplic officials are wondering when our mayor Advent Tutly will step in....
well from the looks of things he has his hands full

in other news A man was held hostage on the roof of the majestic hotel requesting five hundred thousand dollars cash. no comment has been made by the majestic hotel manager or police officials though no man was taken into custady we will have more on this in futher studies

Now in sports news the demolitian derby yesterday ended in a blood bath contestant by the name of drummerboi came out victorius
Mayor Avent congradulated him personaly

And in more crime-fighting news two citizens of unknown reasons were put up for assaination. one snippz and another by the name of miche were chased down and taken down. this hit was rumored to apparently been set by our honourable and noble mayor Avent Tutly.though no court case has been made both pleaded not guilty

If you want to leave a comment or sugestion below and we will post them up on next weeks article

Srcuoobius pip reporting for Newsbeat
Mr T Long/NewsBeat Editor
Mr T Long/NewsBeat Editor

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