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Post  Advent Tutly on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:46 pm

Forum Rules

Play your character, Don't be your character.

There are sections that have been made so you can talk about a certain topic and well damn if there isn't, I'll make one just for you.

No Racism, No Spamming, No Advertising, No flaming unless it's in-character, If you violate this, you will be warned by either me or a moderator, if you persist after being warned, you will be banned.

Do not try to intentionally undermine the roleplay or it's admin or moderator, if you are caught doing so, you will be banned

Freedom of Speech is a liberty you will have here, if you say something, you must be willing to live with the consequences, Your posts will not be deleted if they break the rules, they will only be sent to The Dumpster so we can all laugh at it

Moderator Guidelines

My Word is God and You are my angel of kickass, You'll enforce the rules and be the shining example to the other members

Do not get involved with in-character matters, if someone is calling another person out about their character do not do anything, but the moment they cross the line of in-character and out of character you may go to work.

Do not violate my trust, you are not to delete any posts without getting my perimission to do so.

In-game, you will also be guiding new members if they are having trouble understanding the rules or how to play.
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